Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Let's Go Surfing!


Ms. Wessel's Favorite Musical Web Sites

Want to know more about some music web sites for kids like you?

Take a few minutes and explore two of my favorite sites.

SFS KIDS (Site #1)


Exploratorium (Site #2)

Get ready to make a comment!

Please leave me a comment (below) and tell me what you liked about the sites.

I'd love to know which one was your favorite!

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  1. ♥I like it, so does my mom. I like to see our 2nd grade buddies. With the websites that are on it is really cool.♥

    Sincerley ☺Elana☻

  2. I like both websits i like explorium the most Michael

  3. The sfs site was very cool. I didn't expect it to be that cool! Dicovering things about introments was super fun!

    I really enjoyed the exploritorium! The science of music is awesome. The games were escpecialy fun. I really like the dot mixer.

  4. The SFS site was really fun. It showed me what all of the different string instruments play like. The exploratorium site was cool because it let me hear what all of the different kitchen tools and of stuff sound like altogether. I liked the SFS kids site better.I liked the SFS site better because it was more fun and it taught me more.
    By Bradlee

  5. The SFSsite was so much fun i loved the games i like the perormenator games where you can pay a little song on like alittle piano.And for exploritorium it was so much fun with making a beat and making a person dance the way you want them to.My favorite was explotorium i thought it was awesome. By Mataiyah

  6. Sfs kids was awesome beacuase you got to hear ochestra instruments one at a time. I thought that was cool. Exploratorium had to be my favorite. I thought the dot mixer was the best! I made a mix of western and country music.I learned that a bassoon is in an orchestra. I also learned that anything can be an instrument.

  7. The SFS website was great.I love how they let you explore all of the instruments. The Exploratorium site was my fave because because there were so many activities that were great.My favorite activity was the dot mixers because you can mix all kinds of music and it sounds so cool!I recomend it for anyone.

  8. In the SFS web site I loved hearing the different groupd of instruments,this was my favorite.

    On the Exploretoriom I loved the dancing game


  9. The sfs site was so cool! I love listning to the raido.
    The Exploratorium was AWESOME! My favorite was the Expioratorium because of Dot Mixers. It was so fun to play with.


  10. I LOVED the dot mixer on the explorratorium because there are so many possibilities and FUNKY BEATS to go with it. i would HIGHLY recomend it if you like random beats and music that you can customize!!!!!


  11. The sites where really cool.I licked them alot.Music is awsome.I liked the sounds.I liked the sounds because the gutiar and drums are cool! Posted By,Jonathan

  12. My favarit one was dot mixchas.It mad oll of this difrent sounds.The sfskids had osom miusik and gams.

    by julius

  13. The SFS site was very cool because it let me listen to different kinds of musical instrements.On the other website Exploratorium I really liked the games my favorite game was when I was in the kichen. but out of the two websites Exploratorium was my favorite.

  14. I really like the site, so does my mom. I like to see the pictures of me and my 2nd grade buddies. It's really cool.


  15. the SFS ste was fantastic. i liked the music lab and the radio.The exploratorium website was fun too.One of the games on exploratorium was a game with a guy and you can pick dance moves for him to do. My favorite game was the music lab on the sfs site.
    by Dominic

  16. i like the exploratorium website the best i loved the kitchen sink-a-pation


  17. i learned how to composeeser feel when playing

    i learned that kitchen objects cam be insterments

    my favorite was the sfs because it has more chosses of games that i liked


  18. I thought the SFS was awesome. I liked kind of making my own composition.Exploratorium was awesome.Kitchen Sink-o-pation can get a little creepy, but is fun all the same. I didn't have a favorite.


  19. I likeb both websits that I explored. They where cool.maddy

  20. I loved the sfs kids website it was aton of fun there I liked the radio alot but I liked the orcestra the most

    on Exploratorium I liked the dots


  21. I like the SFS site because it has alot of intaractive stuff.I also like the Exploratorium site because of all the cool music stuff and my favorite game is the Dot Mixer.

  22. I liked the composerizer I got to compose music.At exploratorium I liked the dot mixer you get to double click and make your own music.My favorite was sfs kids because the music lab and the composerizer. Andrew

  23. i loved the sfs beacause i liked to use the differnt kinds of insterments they all made different kinds of beats.The explortorium was the one i like the most because the danceing guy was funny and i like the games in the kitchen make all the things pop up and making cool beats and funny noises.

  24. I liked exploratorium the most.For the musical dots the seacret is to mach the dot colors.And I did all three on each.


  25. I liked the composerizer on SFS Kids.I liked the dot mixer on Exploritorium.I liked the dot mixer because you can make weird noises.

  26. trevon thought surf kids was fun!
    i liked the radio in SFS kids because it played nice music. I liked the dancing activity in Exploratorium. sfs kids was my favorite.

  27. I loved all of the sites but my favorite was,I liked how you could test out the sounds of different instruments.And I think it will help me pick an insrument for band next year.


  28. the sfs was a fun site so you can learn about music it show me how a french horn sounds like ang look like the exporatorium was fun too it show me some sounds and and the sink o pation

    your the best ms.wessel love,salma BYE chow chow chow chow chow chow

  29. Sfs kids was fun. I played in the lab. I did
    the tempo, the composer, and the radio.
    In exploratorium, I did the dots, the dancing
    dude, and the kichen thing.
    My favorite site was sfs kids because I
    liked the composer thing.

  30. I like the Exploratorium better becuase it tougth you about how kictchen can be instrements.I lke sfs kids becuse it was fun.My favorite is the Exploratorium.

  31. my favorite one wass on site two kitchen o pation

    by $francis$

  32. I loved the science lab at SFS because it was B awsome.I liked dot mixer at the exploratorium.My favoret was SFS because I thought it was b awsome.

  33. i liked both websites.I liked how the SFS kids becuse there were alot of games to choose from and they were fun and I liked the composerizer because you got to make up your song.I liked the Expolatorium because I like the dotmixchas andand the sond that they made.My favorite was the SFS Kids though mostly because the games it had.


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